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Introduction of Iranian Sepahan Hydraulic Industries

We are proud to be among the top manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatics and parts and equipment in our dear country in the field of industrial automation and hydraulic and pneumatic systems since 1988. A summary of the activities of Sepahan Hydraulic Industries of Iran is as follows.

Engineering Technical Unit: This unit provides all services related to the design and engineering of industrial equipment, calculations and design of hydraulic-pneumatic systems and circuits, as well as construction support, using experienced and expert personnel. The design and determination of the manufacturing process and the selection of the best consumables and executive plans according to standards, quality control and the preparation of calculation books approved by the employer are the responsibility of this unit. This unit has technical and engineering staff with expertise in mechanics, quality control, welding and industries. Equipped with advanced software such as Avaqus, Solid Work, Perlite, AutoCAD, Fluent-Gambit, Pd.Ms. , Plate n Sheet, MS Project, and Excel Automation Studio fluid power.

Manufacturing unit: In addition to having various production and manufacturing units, this unit includes: welding unit, machining unit, assembly unit, electrical and automation unit, hydraulic and pneumatic unit) with the support of engineering design and quality control units, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the desired equipment. It has put its customers at the forefront of its work with the best quality, according to international standards, and hopes to be able to take an effective step towards self-sufficiency by manufacturing part of the equipment and spare parts needed by the country’s industries. In this unit, all manufacturing operations And the production is carried out under the supervision of the quality control unit based on the designed drawings and instructions.

Commercial, marketing and sales unit: It is considered one of the main pillars of the company, which consists of departments such as marketing and market development, foreign trade, sales and after-sales services, which are briefly presented below. The marketing and market development unit aims to strengthen the database and supply New customers, taking into account the full scope of the prevailing market conditions as well as examining the tangible and intangible changes in the country’s economy, plans and presents expert plans to meet and cover the needs of customers in different sectors. The sales department of the company always tries to establish a strong relationship with its customers. We believe that honesty is the first pillar of any constructive relationship. In addition to receiving orders, identifying and understanding customer needs, this department has tried to provide the best solutions for customers. This unit has a team specializing in hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial automation industry.

Repair and after-sales service unit: Maintenance and repairs of machines and equipment play a very important role in increasing their lifespan and efficiency and reducing costs in the industry. Since in many cases of maintenance and repairs, a high level of expertise and tools are needed, and also from the customer’s point of view, providing good after-sales service is very important and even its priority is higher than the price of the product. Iranian Sepahan Hydraulic Company, relying on more than 3 decades of experience in repairing all types of hydraulic and pneumatic industry equipment, industrial automation, and lubrication, having a set of equipment testing devices, including servo valve and proportional valve testing and calibration devices, testing devices All kinds of directional valves, testing device for hydraulic pressure breakers, pumps and hydro motors, and using the expert force, following the instructions of the equipment manufacturer, repairs, rebuilds and calibrates it according to the data sheet.

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