Designing, manufacturing, repairing all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Designing and manufacturing more than 8000 hydraulic cylinders in 5 years
Chosen contractor of Mobarake steel in repairs of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
Equipped with the most advanced hydraulic cylinder testing device

Designing, manufacturing, repairing all kinds of hydraulic powerpacks

Hydraulic power unit is the heart of a hydraulic system. Correct design and selection of required equipment increases efficiency and reduces repair costs.

- Servo valve, proportional valve, directional valve repairs

- Equipped with a proportional valve, servo valve test device - related tests according to the desired valve data sheet, including (hysteresis, null leakage, pressure symmetry and linearity (Fatig
30 years of experience in repairing hydraulic valves

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 Quality Creativity Innovation It never goes out of fashion

 Industry With 35 years of experience in the field of supplying, designing, manufacturing, repairing and optimizing all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechatronics, industrial automation, all kinds of related equipment with all kinds of limitations and working conditions, and is bound to the type of equipment or device It doesn’t do anything special.   With a set of elite experts and using theoretical knowledge, research and industrial experiences and seasoned and experienced personnel, we are proud to provide competent services with a competitive quality in the global market and to provide a large part of the internal needs of the country’s industry in this field. . All services of this company are based on the principles of customer orientation, standard quality management system (ISO9001:2021).

Engineering technical unit : Using experienced and expert personnel, this unit provides all services related to the design and engineering of industrial equipment, calculations and design of   hydraulic-pneumatic systems and circuits, as well as construction support.

Manufacturing unit : including welding, machining, assembly,   electrical and automation, hydraulic and pneumatic departments) with the support of engineering design and quality control units, manufacturing and installing and operating the equipment desired by our customers with the desired quality, according to international standards, He has put his work on the agenda.

Sales and trading unit: selling all kinds of hydraulic-pneumatic-industrial automation tools online and in person. In addition, identifying and understanding the customer’s needs and providing the best solution. (Honesty is the first pillar of any constructive relationship)Repair and after-sales service unit : Repairs and service of all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, industrial automation, and lubrication with a set of equipment and testing equipment for hydraulic tools including (servo valves and proportional valves, directional valves, (ISO6404) hydraulic pressure breakers, hydraulic cylinders (ISO10100) ), hydraulic pump (ISO9906) as well as the use of expert personnel in accordance with the instructions of the equipment manufacturer to repair, rebuild and calibrate it according to the data sheet.

صنایع سپاهان هیدرولیک ایرانیان

Our services in various industries

Hydraulic cylinders


دستگاه پمپ گریس

Central grease pump

design and engineering

پاور پک هیدرولیک


لوازم آب بند بصورت تخصصی


دستگاه فلاشینگ هیدرولیک


Repairs of hydraulic valves

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic actuators

Pneumatic actuator

plastic injection

Hydraulic Press


Aluminum die cast

Preform Pat

Cardboard waste press

Hydraulic lifts

Providing the best solution for industrial automation systems